I’m a frequent traveler, and pride myself on efficiency in getting through security lines. But inevitably there are more people who just zoom past with some fancy security clearance that they’ve purchased. What the heck? Money talks, I guess. And that’s the same dynamic that we’re starting to see with Amazon products: sellers now have more options to purchase ads to get their product in front of relevant customers. Amazon has made big strides in improving the targeting options and reporting, and most recently a big one: Headline Ads are now available in Seller Central! Perhaps you’ve seen this recently when you logged in to Seller Central: You can access the Campaign Builder here: Headline Ads previously was reserved for Amazon Vendors (people who sold their products directly to Amazon at wholesale prices) through the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) platform.  Or, people like me who took advantage of a loophole to get access to the AMS platform by kind of becoming an Amazon Vendor. I recently did a two part series on Amazon Marketing Services, and one dedicated just to Headline Search Ads, which you can see here. I’ve had great success running Headline Search Ads: they are easy to … Read More

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