When I first got the invitation to Boost With FBA, I danced a little jig of excitement. The first ever “Seller Summit” thrown by Amazon, in the heart of New York in the middle of summer. Billed as a “unique opportunity to learn how to grow your sales and reach new customers”, it held lofty promises. And the event did not disappoint! Here is a brief little video we put together highlighting some of the event. But I also wanted to share a written recap of the event, because there were some really cool things that deserve your attention as well: actionable takeaways, new programs, and simple steps you can take to leverage Amazon’s new programs. Everything that follows is based on this one premise: Amazon is friggin huge, and is just starting to scratch the surface of its long-term ambitions. In Jeff Bezos parlance, the Amazon of today is simply Day 1, and there is a ton more that is planned for building out this system of commerce. At one point in the keynote address, Mark Mitchke, Vice President of Fulfillment by Amazon, described the vision that drives the FBA program: One click global prime business. This is Mark … Read More

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