The Million Dollar Case Study was built on the premise of transparency–everything is going to be shared, regardless of warts and blemishes. It’s no surprise that things get especially interesting when looking into the dollars and cents. There is, understandably, a fascination around the finances of the case study, and for good reason: every dime of profit is going towards building schools around the world with Pencils of Promise. In this session, Shane Stinemetz of Fetcher takes us behind the scenes into the finances of Jungle Snugs and Jungle Stix (the bamboo marshmallow sticks of the Collaborative Launch).  Shane shares some important tips on monitoring and analyzing the financial health of an Amazon business. Amazon’s Seller Central dashboard makes this process cumbersome and tedious, but understanding the most important business metrics are imperative if you’re going to save money and grow a successful, lasting Amazon business. A quick note: if you don’t read to the end of the post, just click through to the bottom to get a special 50% off exclusive discount to Fetcher that Shane offered. This is in addition to a free 31 day free trial, with no credit card required. A great way to get a quick and … Read More

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