Many people contact us asking how they can get started as soon as possible with their Amazon business, without a huge investment. At Jungle Scout we strongly believe that you can definitely start small and scale upwards. We also have a mantra that getting started (the sooner the better) is the key to success. Chris Jones from ZonLife contacted us to share his insights and processes for starting an Amazon business with less than $2000. As a seller himself, starting out on Amazon UK from humble beginnings, he is highly qualified to speak on this topic. This article is both inspiring and insightful, to make sure you grab a drink and tuck in!    Getting Started Starting an Amazon business can be an enjoyable and highly profitable adventure if you identify the right stones to step on and the best paths to pursue. With first hand experience of living the selling on Amazon FBA dream right now, I can tell you that the potential of selling on this platform is enormous. A main concentration point for people looking to start selling on Amazon FBA would be to build up enough capital so that they can begin. In this case, we’re aiming for … Read More

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