If you think back to just a few months ago, the Million Dollar Case Study was an abstract project aiming to show you the exact steps of how to launch a successful Amazon business. Well, with our Jungle Snugs listing now live on Amazon, things got real all of a sudden! In this special session, Greg reviews the product to date, and addresses live audience questions. If you want to see the highlights of how we got to this point, check out the Million Dollar Case Study Overview page  and you can also register for future sessions if you are not already. Here is a full recap of Session 17, where Greg offers some inspiring and insightful wisdom to help Amazon sellers push through roadblocks to continue growing and building their Amazon business: And the slides that Greg reviewed:   Update: Our Professional Images Are Completed! Thanks to the team at ProductPhotography.com for generously donating their services to the case study. The Product Photography team also helped with the Jungle Stix product images, and offers a great service. Reasonable prices, great communication, detail-oriented, and most importantly, great product images! Here is a sample of some of the results (we will have our blue … Read More

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