Session 14 was a fantastic session to share the nuts and bolts of how to ignite the flywheel of better organic rankings, and more sales. This comes down to crafting a listing that meets the best practices and standards for Amazon search engine optimization. There is no better teacher to explain this than Scott Voelker of The Amazing Seller. Scott has that unique talent to take potentially complicated topics and distill it down into easily understandable concepts. He is one of those special teachers who confer knowledge and fuel ambitions at the same time.   Jungle Snugs progress update Before we get there, a quick update on Jungle Snugs: the first shipment is packed up and about to depart to the United States!   There are 10 cartons being shipped by air, set to arrive on 5/31. Additionally, there are 3 samples (one of each variety) being sent to our photographer to get professional images. More on that in another post in the near future.     Greg has an ambitious goal to be ranking for the top keywords for the Baby Hooded Towels by the end of June, so we were super stoked to get Scott on board to … Read More

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