Here we are with an important episode of the Million Dollar Case Study. This session covers a range of up to date Amazon best practices for sellers. The best part is, we’ve invited Amazonian and entrepreneur at heart Joel Lentz to share his best practices and top tips. Sound advice from someone who knows the inner workings at Amazon seems like a must-watch to me! Just a little bit about Joel: He works for the Business Development Team at Amazon, and prior to that has worked for other Fortune 500 companies since finishing his Master’s degree in Business. Joel has dabbled with selling on Amazon himself and has plans to take this further.   Disclaimer: the nature of beast that is Amazon means that some of the facts in this webinar could change. But this aims to provide some hard and fast rules that all Amazon sellers should follow.    If audio visual is more your thing, here’s the full video replay:   And here are the webinar slides:   A little bit about the Business Development Team at Amazon To give you some background about Joel’s role at Amazon, he explains what life is like on the Business Development team doing … Read More

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