The wheels are turning, momentum is growing, and we continue to move towards our product launch. The Million Dollar Case Study continues after a 1 week hiatus while we had the samples shipped to us! And the good news is that the samples arrived in a timely manner, within a week or two of ordering them – and the quality is very nice! So let’s go to the video tape to see exactly what these samples look like, and Greg’s interactions with these suppliers: And here are the slides:   Evaluating the samples was an interesting exercise, particularly because I was privy to only one part of the equation: the product quality. The other relevant part of this step is how the supplier was to work with and communicate with, which Greg had insight to. So here is the holistic look at what we are considering when evaluating the product samples, our interactions with them, and ultimately which supplier is a good fit for joining us for this journey.   Alibaba Samples: Considerations Much of this is self-explanatory… Communication: This is obviously an essential ingredient to the success of our product. Is the supplier responsive, thorough, detail-oriented, and have a … Read More

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