Promotions has been a hot topic since all hell broke loose back in October 2016. We still see people getting confused about what is allowed and what is not. In short, and to kick off this post, promotions and discounts ARE still allowed, you are just not allowed to incentivize them for reviews. Here’s the official word from the prohibited seller activities and actions page: However, as you can see ‘Understanding Promotions’ page, several types of promotions are totally within the rules. In fact, they are encouraged, as it offers an incentive for customers to make the purchase decision sooner!   We have written quite a lot about this on the Jump Send blog, and there is also a really useful eBook which I recommend you download.  But since most FBA sellers were running incentivized review campaigns, many have not given the promotions feature inside of Seller Central the light of day. Now, disclaimers first, it’s worth mentioning that you should always approach this with caution. The main reason being is that you don’t really want to make it possible for customers to wipe out your inventory. In recent months, Amazon changed their promotions offering, which now only allow sellers to … Read More

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