We have our product idea (hooded baby towels and/or magnetic tiles), we know the best practices of how to find and contact suppliers on Alibaba, and now the rubber hits the road! It is time to reach out to suppliers and see if we can get our product manufactured to our specifications and at a price point that works. In today’s session, Greg shared some best practices for making outreach on Alibaba more efficient, and tips for how to organize the deluge of responses that will come once we start our outreach. We first started with a recap of some best practices for identifying the good suppliers, which we learned from Gary Huang in Session #3. Make sure to catch those notes if you missed it, lots of good content that Gary shared about finding the best suppliers possible. Here’s a full replay of the webinar:     And the slides that Greg covered:     How To Streamline Your Alibaba Communication Greg shared some helpful tips and tricks to make the outreach to suppliers replicable at scale and easy to organize. Here are some steps to leverage Alibaba’s Messaging platform to reach out to all relevant suppliers with just … Read More

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