We are advocates of the private label business model at Jungle Scout, where you find an existing product with enough opportunity and demand for you to enter the market. However, that doesn’t meant we don’t welcome and congratulate the creative product inventors out there. That’s why we reached out to Amazon product design and development expert, Filip Valcia, to explain exactly how it’s done. Filip has helped many businesses develop and launch winning products, and has some unmissable insights to share! ______________   Are you at the point where you want to move beyond private labeling and create a custom product? Whether you are ready to do it yourself, or looking to hire some help, this post will outlines the steps it takes to develop a new product. We will cover: Why it’s possible for anyone to launch their own product The step-by-step blueprint used by many small businesses Some tips to enable you to avoid common pitfalls at each step along the way   Innovation is Inevitable A long time ago, a boss once told me, “If our business is not growing, it’s dying a slow death”. That parable is almost cliché. But as much as I’d like to … Read More

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