With the new year arriving, us Amazon sellers are going to be thinking about a big topic. Sales Tax. I know it’s not the most exciting thing to talk about, but it’s a necessary task and when it’s done right, you can save yourself some money along the way.  I’ve been catching up with the team at TaxJar, and CEO Mark Faggiano has a few tips for your 2017 sales tax checkup if you’re an Amazon.com FBA seller. Check it out!    _______ The beginning of a new year is a fantastic time to evaluate what went right (and wrong) in the previous year, and make big plans to kick butt in the year to come. As a business owner, it’s worth it to take this time to assess your current business processes and decide if there’s anyway you can “work smarter, not harder.” One business process that tends to bog ecommerce sellers down is sales tax. Sales tax is an ubiquitous administrative hassle. Most everyone has to deal with it, but since states don’t provide great guidance on exactly how to collect and file, many online sellers can’t feel confident they’re doing sales tax “correctly.” That’s where giving your sales … Read More

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