“The Sky Is falling!” shouted Chicken Little. Perhaps you’ve heard the line before, but if not, a short recap of the children’s story: Chicken Little gets the whole forest into a tizzy, thinking that the sky is falling, though unbeknownst to Chicken Little, it was only an acorn that hit him. Everyone follows him, until they end up in the fox’s hole… only to never make it out again. The moral of the story here is: don’t jump to immediate conclusions and assume calamity has struck.   The True Effect of Amazon’s TOS Changes On October 3rd of this year, the community of Amazon sellers were thrown for a loop with a change in the Terms of Service that banned incentivized reviews. Was this change just an inconsequential acorn that fell, or was the sky actually falling for Amazon sellers? Anecdotal evidence zoomed through the seller community with varying degrees of reliability. At Review Kick, thousands of sellers who were presumably effected by this change in Amazon’s Terms. We recently gathered the data and ran rigorous analysis, to determine exactly how the change in Amazon policies effected sellers.   TL; DR: The change in Terms of Service ultimately leveled the playing field, … Read More

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