In business, there are two ways that you can grow: vertically or horizontally.   By this, I mean that you could sell more of your product and related products in the same marketplace. This would be growing vertically. Or you could focus on selling in new marketplaces and channels. This is horizontal growth.   We have been working hard for months to build the Web App to support international marketplaces, and last week this came to fruition! The Jungle Scout Web App and Chrome Extension now supports five international Amazon stores: US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany. Expanding your Amazon product sales to new international markets remains an untapped opportunity for sellers.     We wrote about the functionality of how to use Jungle Scout for these markets in detail here. It is dead simple.   Today I want to share a few tips for how you can use this new functionality to your advantage.   Regardless of whether you are selling on Amazon or not, or how much you are currently selling, there are valuable tips here.   Alright, let me become an International Man Of Mystery wig and see what Amazon product opportunities we can dig up….   … Read More

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